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Testimonials - the reason why I do what I do!

"I strongly recommend Christine - she is the BEST LMT!!"

Tim Kuhn, Marcy, NY

"Chris, Thank you so much for getting me through Thanksgiving. Only a minimal amount of pain. Not totally exhausted and attribute it all to you. Have felt wonderful after seeing you. You truly have a great gift. Thanks for sharing it with me."

Marge Piper, Utica, NY

"I met Chris and started going to her for massages at a local spa over a year ago. I went to her not knowing about her work, but soon found out how amazing she was in so many ways. She was a new therapist, but went into the profession because she wanted to actually do something to help other people physically. I will be the first to tell you that she did more than that. I work full time and stand on my feet all day for 8 to 12 hours without sitting down in a highly demanding and stressful environment. This causes much strain and muscle stiffness. Not only was that the issue, I had some very traumatic life experiences in the past few years that had led me to be stressed/depressed and caused worsening muscle stiffness, pain, and fatigue especially in my neck, upper back, and arms. She was there to listen to me talk about the emotional stress that attributed to my tension and back stiffness. We usually joked about her "chiseling away" at my cement slab for a back....But she did it and continues to do it everytime I go to her with enthusiasm and ease. I also have a spinal problem that leads to sciatica and leg numbness. She attends to my special needs and works on what I need her to most on THAT particular day. Going to her is a complete physical, emotional, and spiritual experience. I felt that she catered to my needs best, and I requested to see her thereafter every time I went for work. I could tell that she was passionate about her work and that she truly wanted to better peoples lives and quality of living. Living in pain is not fun, but she somehow made it a little better each and every time she gave me a massage. It is an hour of heaven, and I highly recommend it. If you have muscle pain , high stress and tension, joint issues, fatigue, headaches...whatever it may be....You should consider massage therapy. It helps alleviate many of those things if done regularly and with the right therapist. She offers full body massage, from bottoms of the feet to the temples. You choose what areas she spends the most time on. I am her number one fan, and will continue to go to her regularly. Have someone buy you a certificate for christmas, try it out...and form your own opinion. But coming from someone who has had a decade of problems, I am living proof that it works and I'm sold ! Enrich your physical and emotional well being. Enter the world of massage. You'll never turn back! I often don't want to get off the table after the hour is over. I leave feeling a little like jello, completely relaxed physically and emotionally...and with a big smile. She always sends me away, wishing me well, telling me she will be thinking of me. I not only met a phenomenal therapist, I met a very loving and caring human being whom I now consider my friend. She has been there for me in more ways than one. I feel honored to have coincidentally found her and to continue to know her and see her!!!! Things do happen for a reason :)

Sincerely, Alicia M., Vernon, NY

"Christine, I don't know what the heck you did, but it was phenomenal. I got more mobility in my neck than I had in the last 3 months. Thank you, you rock!"

Jim B., Sherril, NY

aaaaaahhhhhhhh......YES!: Enjoyable & Healing....delivered with sensitivity and a caring heart. Christine is professional, yet will bathe you in her warmth. I always leave there feeling energized and renewed.

Chris Reilly, Frankfort, NY

"I finally now know what massage is supposed to be!" I definitely will be back!"

T. Rolands, Chadwicks, NY

My previous experience with therapists has been either them talking all through my massage where I could not relax, rubbing my body instead of massaging the knots out or being super rough that I felt like I was being physically abused! Christine sits with you, listens to what your needs are and will cater your massage to your needs. Every experience I've had, has been a positive one - not just physically, but she will calm your mind as well! I Love Christine!!!

Walt R., New York Mills, NY

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